Shared Hosting
Starting at:
$0.00 /month
All plans
  • DISK
    2GB HDD
  • DATA
    1TB Bandwidth
    20 Accounts
  • Sub-domains
    5 sub-Domains
Dedicated server
Dedicated Server
annually get (20% discount)
$27.99 /month
  • CPU
    4x 3.20Ghz 2 Cores
  • RAM
    8GB (up to 32GB)
    50 Gb SSD
    1Gbps - 20TB
VPS server
Cloud VPS
Starting at:
$2.99 /month
All plans
  • CPU
    2 Cores
  • RAM
    512 MB guaranteed
  • DISK
    60GB HDD
  • DATA
    1TB Bandwidth

Cloud Load Balancing

With Load balancer, you don't have to worry about traffic over load, we automatically balance the traffic to optimise for speed and accessibility.

Load Balancing
[1] Users
First, all requests are received from the users.
[2] Load Balancing
99CloudTech load balancer receives these many requests, and decide to direct them to the node with less traffic
[3] Cloud Servers
A replica from each website is hosted on different nodes, so that we can serve same content from different servers to optimize traffic per server.

Why Choose 99cloudtech?

99CloudTech web hosting technology is the best among competitors, we do not only provide reliable hosting with many features, we also provide competitive pricing because our overhead spending is very low.

hosting support
Support 24x7x365

We are proud with our Grad A support capability. We are commited handle all your different support requests.

Multiple IPs per server

Why get limited number of IPs, 99cloudtech support up to 30 IPs per dedicated server.

Cloud hosting
Perfomance Optimized

Whether managed or unmanaged, our engineers will support you to reach to max performance.

Our Datacenters are Located in 7 Regions

99CloudTech infra-structure is built above world class hosting providers like Google, Amazon, IBM and Alibaba Cloud, but with reduced cost and optimized performance.

Load Balancing
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